We have to get our youth playing golf


By Dominic Sainsbury
New Zealand PGA General Manager

It is shocking that children born after 2008 will live five years less than the generation born before.

Right now we have a younger generation who are expected to lose five years of life expectancy because of childhood obesity, poor nutrition (processed foods), inactivity and the rise of type 2 diabetes. 

Golf can help reverse this trend.

We need our children to become more active. 

This is not about creating the next Ryan Fox or Lydia Ko. This is about giving our tamariki the gift of a long life.

We need to introduce them to a pastime that will offer them the chance to live an active social lifestyle that develops a love and passion for a health-active life.

Scientific research indicates that despite the medical advances that are curing many diseases, the life expectancy of the latest generation is going to be five years less than we live.

If you have a child or grandchild then let’s get them started playing golf. 

PGA professionals make learning and playing golf fun, social and active. We want people to be healthy and active for their whole life. We also want them to get those five years back.

Andrew Murray, a doctor, a runner and author who works for the Scottish government promoting physical activity for health, said: “The moderate physical activity that golf provides increases life expectancy, has mental health benefits and can help prevent and treat more than 40 major chronic diseases.” 

A study by the Swedish Golf Federation highlights the low impact physical activity and mental health benefits of playing golf can increase your life expectancy by five years.

Children need help adding activities to their lifestyle that will bring them social joy, struggle, achievement and reward.

Please get in contact with your local club and PGA professional today to get your child or grandchild enrolled in golf.

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