Set of golf clubs sell for nearly $US40,000

The world’s third-richest person has sold his set of golf clubs — but if he was struggling financially it’s okay because he got a great price for them.

The clubs belonged to Warren Buffett, an American business magnate who is considered one of the most successful investors in the world.

Earlier this year Buffett’s net worth was valued at a mere $US82 billion by American business magazine Forbes. That placed him third on the magazine’s world rich-list behind Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) at $US131 billion and $US96 billion respectively.

Bezos and Gates are now re-evaluating their worth after Buffett’s golf sticks were sold at a Boston auction for $US39,671.

But typical of Buffett’s eye to add value he did not simply offer a set of clubs and a golf bag. Attached to the bag were NetJet’s tags.

NetJet is the world’s largest private jet plane company and is a subsidiary of Buffett’s multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway.

Oh, and also, the bag had the name Warren Buffett embroidered on the front flap of the bag in gold. You have got your name in gold on your bag, haven’t you? Yes, of course.

The bag and clubs were once given to the one-time fiancée of Buffett’s granddaughter while wrapped around the handle of each of the 14 clubs is a Warren Buffett property tag, most reading: “Omaha Country Club, Warren Buffett, Omaha, NE 68152.”

The golf clubs included nine Ping Eye2 clubs (wedge, sand wedge, and irons 3-9), an older Ping putter, Callaway Heaven Wood, Callaway Divine Nine, and two Orlimar Trimetal drivers (13° and 16°).

Inside one of the bag’s pockets were an assortment of tees, markers from Augusta National and the Seminole Golf Club (two of the world’s most exclusive golf clubs), and bag tags from the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara.

The consignor noted: “The clubs were purchased for Warren by the director of the Buffett Foundation and given to Buffett sometime in the 90s. They were his only set of clubs from then until now.

“The bag was custom made for Warren by NetJets. Warren personally handed me the clubs inside his home in 2016. He gave them to me after my clubs had been stolen. I was engaged to his granddaughter at the time and have had them in my possession up until this point.”

Auction executive Bobby Livingston told would-be buyers: “A reminder that more deals are done on the golf course than in any boardroom.”

Other highlights from the same sale included:

  • Eddie Van Halen Frankenstrat Art Series guitar played by EVH at the Toyota Center in 2008 sold for $US18,750

  • Benjamin Franklin document boldly signed as president in 1786 sold for $US17,500

  • Albert Einstein hand-painted silhouette portrait of Einstein’s distinctive profile sold for $US15,678

  • Howard Hughes vintage pearl-finish signed photo sold for $US7871

Warren Buffett’s golf bag and clubs, which sold for nearly $US40,000 at auction in the United States

Warren Buffett’s golf bag and clubs, which sold for nearly $US40,000 at auction in the United States