Parkland now in the driving seat for Yamaha Golf Cars in NZ, Pacific

Ian Macleod - GM of Parkland Products who are charged with driving Yamaha golf cart sales in the NZ and Pacific markets

Ian Macleod - GM of Parkland Products who are charged with driving Yamaha golf cart sales in the NZ and Pacific markets

You know the brand. You know the product. Now meet the driving force tasked with bringing the Yamaha Golf Car range to the attention of golfers and businesses across New Zealand and the Pacific.  

Parkland Products has signed an agreement with Yamaha New Zealand to become the national distributor of Yamaha golf cars and personal transport vehicles (PTV’s). 

“Synonymous with superior quality and advanced technology, the Yamaha brand sits comfortably alongside our existing portfolio of premium products to assist our customer base to achieve excellence in turf maintenance, management, irrigation, and now personal transportation” Ian MacLeod, General Manager for Parkland Products, said. 

Boasting an impressive array of industry-leading features, the team at Parkland are suitably equipped and excited to lead the sales, support and parts provision for Yamaha petrol and electric golf cars. The Yamaha Drive 2 range of both petrol and electric golf cars and personal transport vehicles, as well as the UMX utility vehicle, into New Zealand.  

“Golfers demand excellence from their experience and we understand that it’s the details that make the difference” said MacLeod. “Yamaha tirelessly innovate in order to remain at the top of the market and it shows in their latest release of Drive2 vehicles” he explained. 

As well as bold styling and colour options, the Yamaha Drive2 range is designed specifically for player comfort and convenience. Features such as the widest, most ergonomic contoured seat, the most occupancy space and the most legroom of any other golf car on the market, now come enhanced with a newly designed automotive style dashboard, two USB ports and a huge storage compartment with non-slip mat accommodate modern practicalities such as remaining connected and comfortable whilst enjoying a round of golf. 

“Golf courses in New Zealand have a range of challenges that influence the suitability of golf cars to their terrain” said MacLeod. “Some need greater hill climbing ability; some require greater battery longevity; but all courses want to invest in fleet that offers the best golfing experience for their customers and doesn’t compromise on value over the lifetime cost of ownership” explained MacLeod. “It seemed that whatever the question, Yamaha had the answer”. 

A range of power technologies are on offer, tailored to different requirements. Those looking for the lowest noise emissions available and industry-leading fuel economy, coupled with the reliability and smoothness of petrol driven vehicles can choose Yamaha’s Quietech EFI option. 

For those looking for the smooth acceleration and unrivalled luxury of electric driven cars, Yamaha offer both the Powertech AC drive with ‘cradle-smooth’ suspension system and best hill climbing ability, or alternatively the Drive2 DC with Yamaha-built charger which is smaller, quieter and supremely efficient.

Similarly, the Yamaha range of PTV’s cater to those driving around the neighbourhood with friends and family, or needing to negotiate hilly terrain without breaking a sweat. 

“The only question left for our personal transportation customers is whether they’d like to refill or recharge?” noted MacLeod. 

Acknowledging the important link between reliable equipment and reliable service and support, Yamaha’s strategic partnership with Parkland now offers its customers both.

“Our strong base of customers in the golf industry have come to rely on Parkland’s servicing and parts for   ongoing fleet maintenance” explained MacLeod. We are very pleased to continue this service, now with an expanded range of premium products available.