Punch bowl par three course launched at Manor Park

Golf is too expensive, it takes too much time and the game is too hard.
We hear such comments all the time and they could be some of the reasons behind declining membership numbers at golf clubs around the world.
With that in mind Manor Park Golf Sanctuary in Wellingtonhas introduced an exciting new par three course with a difference in an effort to turn those numbers around.
Manor Park has used existing holes for the par three course but this is not just a case of marching half-way down the fairway, throwing down some tee markers and calling it a new par three hole.
Instead it is a criss-cross of existing holes, crossing existing fairways and approaching existing greens from completely new angles.
None of the hitting-off areas will be from the middle of existing fairways — therefore avoiding an unsightly group of divots for the course proper.
Manor Park launched the course,  known as the Punch Bowl Par-3 to reflect its all-sorts mixture, this month and as a sign of the club’s commitment it will be included as part of the club’s main open summer tournament on January 2 and 3.
The Punch Bowl course will comprise 12 holes and none of them will be long. The holes vary in distance from just 85m to 140m (55m to 125 for women or learners) but include some completely new obstacles.
The Punch Bowl course was the idea of Manor Park club captain Ian Voisey who said something new was needed in the face of declining membership numbers.
"Rugby has sevens, cricket has 20-20, soccer has indoor five-man and we needed something new,’’ Voisey told Golfer Pacific.
"This will be easy, inexpensive and exciting. It won’t take five hours to play.
"The course can be played in less than two hours and hopefully this will encourage people to give it a go. Even the most traditionalist of golfers might try it.’’
At this stage the Punch Bowl course will be open onWednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons but the club will be flexible to demand.

Sarah HeadComment