Is your next set of clubs your set for life?

By Anthony Barkley
NZPGA Professional

Not long back a customer said to me that he was unsure about getting a fitted set of clubs. The reason was interesting in that the customer was concerned that the clubs will not be worth as much at time to sell or trade if they are customised.
The truth is, unless you have a set of PINGS that are colour coded (awesome system) most people that trade in clubs have no idea of the specs. They have either forgotten or never really were told. So the concern of the above customer isn’t really valid most of the time when selling or trading in clubs. Also the second hand trade in prices are relatively low realistically so will it make that much difference?
So looking back to the above customers concern, my thinking when I fit a set of clubs is that the set the client will get is his or her set for life. I think this way and don’t you as golfers want that?  We fit clubs generally to improve golf, make clients enjoy their golf more or because clients want clubs that are more forgiving (all of the above likely). Others just want the latest clubs out there and if you see the amount of tour success we are currently seeing from Taylormade you can understand why they are hot sellers. They are very good as well in my opinion.
Without going into too much detail this is what we I do.
So I look very closely at the correct shaft composition, shaft flex, shaft characteristics, lie angle, grip size and iron head type. Woods we look mainly at the same shaft flex and characteristics but also if we can find a driver that has adjustability to help a client. We also check for any distance gapping issues so less chance or having a distance the client cannot hit a club to.  All these choices are helped with the FlightScope spitting out important data taking any guessing out of the equation.
So a lot of thought goes into creating the right set for someone, hence why I think of fitting a set that will be for a client for life. It doesn’t always work out that way realistically as people get injured etc but that’s how I work and hopefully you have had similar experiences when getting fitted yourselves. This is one reason I choose to work with a range of companies. It shouldn’t matter what brand you use, but rather the best brand that suits. It shouldn’t matter what you think you may get when you trade as what should matter is the improvements you get now.
Remember the statistic that 80% of golfers are using clubs that don’t suit. Many golfers have drivers that are too stiff or not stiff enough. Many play with clubs that suited them 10+ years ago or before they had a back injury or a new hip but expect them to still perform.
So this is just to get you thinking, hopefully encourage you to look at a new set. Always remember most pro-shops will trade so go have a chat and find your set for life. Or at least go get your current set tested.
Our new fitting studio now open if passing through Rotorua.

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